Cruise And Sailing


This is not a typical cruise, nor a sport.
Above all, this is a meeting with nature, the opportunity to swim in clear and temperate waters, to dive and discover the secret of the undersea, to windsurf or just sunbath or fish…
You do not need any previous sailing experience: the boat's crew is at your service during the entire trip. The captain along with two or three sailors, one of which is a cook, will take care of everything. What you have to do: Just Relax…
Your mornings will be spent by sunbathing, swimming or reading until lunch….
Always fresh and natural.


Gulets evolved from the traditional commercial sailing vessels used mainly for transporting goods around the coast of Turkey. The original design, known as a Tirhandil, is very elegant, like an elongated saucer with the bow only slightly more pointed than the stern. Developed from the traditional Tirhandil, the most common Gulet available now is the Ketch Gulet, adapted to make the vessel more practical as a charter vessel, with a squared off stern, raised rear deck and steeper sides, providing space for two more cabins at the rear and larger cabins along each side of a central corridor. Space enough in every cabin for a full size double bed and bathroom facility.


Blue Voyage is the most enjoyable way of coastal discovery heading from Turkish coast and between small Greek islands. You have the chance to spend a week afloat on traditional  sailing boats called “GULETS”. You will enjoy having the privilege of getting a friendly service an adventurous journey, giving you the chance of relaxation while lazing on deck and watching the sundown on crystal waters. It is also the best way to forge new friendships while sharing a joke over a cold beer or having a delicious mixed of Greek and Turkish meal.


For a group of friends or a family, you can charter an entire boat and choose your itinerary. If you are passionate about sailing, do not hesitate: a vacation on our gullets with a seasoned crew will be unforgettable.
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