Importance Of Turkey In Bible

Did you know that Turkey, or Asia Minor as it is referred to in the Holy Bible, is:

*   Where the first called “Christians” lived (in Antioch on the Orontes, today’s Antakya),                 
*   Where St. Paul, the messenger, was born (in Tarsus of Cilicia) and where he spent most of his    life in order to spread Christianity,                                                                                                              
*   Where the first seven churches of Christianity were built (in PergamonSardis, Thyatira, Philadelphia, Laodicea, Smyrna and Ephesus),                                                                                        
*   Where St. John spent his life and was buried (in the basilica built in his name near Ephesus),      
*   Where the Virgin Mary spent her last days (in her last home near Ephesus),                                 
*   Where St. Nicholas lived, died and was buried (in Myra),                                                                
 Where hundreds of rock-cut churches and monasteries were built in 3rd or 4th century by early Christians who also tunnelled many stories underground for refuge (in Cappadocia),                      
*   Where Christianity, for the first time, was accepted as the official religion (in Constantinople, today’s Istanbul).

For your church/religious groups we have prepared the following five tours which trace the traditional route of St. Paul’s journeys in Turkey & Seven Churches. The length of these five tours varies from eight to thirteen days, and it is possible to make alterations as per your clients’ wish. We would like to prepare our quotations depending on your itinerary preference, group size and period. Our rates would be based on deluxe hotels, moderate deluxe hotels, first class hotels and superior tourist class or best available hotels may be found at the end of each suggested tour together with conditions for the tour.

Please kindly note that in certain places, such as St. Antoine Church, the largest of the Catholic churches in Istanbul; St. Polycarp Church in Izmir, which the original building was founded by a gift from the stern French Cardinal Richelieu in 1625; or, depending on the season and on the group size, at the House of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus, where according to the belief of people of many religious faiths, the Virgin Mary lived her last days here, private masses can be held by the “Tour Leader” of each group or by one of the group members. Such masses can also be held at private rooms of hotels where your group will stay.

In addition, depending on the availability of time in Istanbul, a visit to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate may be arranged.

Marveltour would be proud to serve your clients in Turkey, which is exotic, colourful, many-faceted, romantic, ever old and ever new, the gateway and the key to the fabled East, the crossroad of many religions and cultures.

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