Full Day

One of the activities that you will enjoy yourself is to catch various types of fishes at various sizes that you have never seen before, in the abundant waters of Mediterranean. We are sure that you are going to live the most exciting and beautiful moments while fishing with fishing line.While you are waiting for fishes to be caught up by your line, you will watch the marvellous beauties, hills and bays of Adrasan.

When you feel the force of the fish at the end of your fishing line and start to combat to catch it, you will find out how the real struggle is. The pleasure of pulling the fishes onto your boat will remain as the best moments of your holiday. Are you ready for a natural and pleasurable struggle with the fishing methods special to Antalya and surroundings?

Daily from Antalya, Lara, Kundu, Belek and Kemer area.

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