Demre, Myra and Kekova

Full Day

Tour Includes

* English, German or French speaking tour guides,
* Lunch,
* Museum entrance fees,
* Air Conditioned vehicles...

Departure from the hotel in the morning and arrival in Demre to visit the best examples of Lycian tombs at Myra and the Church of St. Nicholas, the saint who is referred to as Santa Claus.On the north of the church of Saint Nicholas, the ruins of Myra city and rock tombs can be found on the slope of a mountain.It is understood from the ancient city walls that this ancient city which is right next to the theater, was built on a steep hill. As a member of the Lycian League, Myra played an important role in coin minting. The oldest coins of Myra date to 3rd century BC. On these coins, images of Artemis and local goddesses are visible.

After lunch sail to Kekova Island by which the city, whose large part has sunk under sea, can be viewed. That is why the island is very important in terms of underwater archeology. The island of Kekova is the main stop for yacht tours as well and the tour offers possibility of swimming in the archaelogical site.Late afternoon return to Antalya.

Daily from Antalya, Lara, Kundu, Belek and Kemer area.

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