The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

It is the most important museum in Turkey. It has artifacts from the Old Stone Age to the Iron Age. Everything there is from B.C. period so ancient period artifacts are not included the collection. They are too new!

The Neolithic artifact from Catalhoyuk, Konya  is exceptional: Mother Goddess figurines, stamp seals, obsidian mirrors and wall paintings including the oldest landscape painting in the world.

The Chalcolithic Age’s colorful and well-decorated pottery and the early Bronze Age’s golden and bronze objects exhibit tremendous technological advancements.

Hittite objects are the main part of the museum collection. Actually, the name of the museum was the Hittite Museum once. Stone blocks of reliefs orchostats, potteries, tablets and monuments tell as a lot about this people that ruled Anatolia for 1000 years.

Iron Age civilizations of the Frigians and the Urartus are not less important. The wooden tables and stools, iron cauldrons, vessels and pitchers that were found in the tomb of King Midas are breath taking.

Building itself is very interesting as well. Museum exhibition hall is an old bedesten (market building) and museum directorate building is an old caravanserai (inn for merchants and travelers). Both of them were built in 15th century.

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