The Underground Towns

Prepare to have one of the most exiting experiences down in deep history! You will be leaded several floors down under the earth to explore hidden Cappadocia .

The underground towns are settlements that were carved by man underground. Generally, it is agreed that Christians carved them in the medieval period to protect themselves against Muslim attacks. However, these underground towns are explained in the book of Xenophon who passed through Cappadocia  as mercenary force to join the civil war among the Persians in Cunaxa in 401 B.C. Therefore, these towns are from much earlier period than it is believed. People of the region used them as shelters against invaders for thousands of years. Certainly, it was easier to carve volcanic tuff than to construct castles with it. Probably the long Ottoman peace is the reason to forget about these settlements.

Kaymakli, Derinkuyu and Ozkonak are the most well known examples. Nevertheless, there are other smaller ones as well. Thousands of people lived in underground towns and they shut themselves in with millstone like tuff rock gates that was moved on a bed.

The underground towns had living quarters, folds, food depots, kitchens, wine cellars and chapels. All these people had their air through airshafts that looked like an endless nightmarish well...    

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