Ephesus is the largest Greco Roman site in Turkey. It was the capital of the province of Asia and second biggest town in early Roman Empire period after Rome. Because of the size of the town, the Odeon and the theatre are in great sizes. The Odeon has 4 000 and the Theater has 24 000 seat capacity.

The marble streets from the Odeon to the theatre and ancient harbor (from one end to the other end of the site) leads you to see several marble nymhaeums (monumental fountains), temples, latrines, a library, agoras, a brothel and the Terraced Houses. The Trajan and Pollio Fountains had incredible statues. Facade of the temple of Hadrian and the size of the Temple of Domition are remarkable. The Celsus Library had a splendid facade and was perfectly restored by the archeologists. It contained 12 000 books once.

Across the library behind an ally, there is the ruin of so called the Brothel. There are some guide legends about it by showing the ancient advertising of the oldest profession!  

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