Goreme Open Air Museum

It is the biggest carved cave monastery complex in Cappadocia. There are hundreds of cave churches in this monastic complex along with food depots, kitchens, refectories, burial chapels, dormitories and cells for monks. Several of these man made caves are worthwhile to visit for their exceptionally well-preserved frescoes.

Cave churches were carved mainly after 7th century in time and figurative frescoes in them were painted in between 10th and 13th centuries.

Most of the churches have the painting of St. George and St. Theodore in Roman soldier armor. Helen and his son Constantine with true cross is important to remember 4th century A.D. pilgrimage of Helen to Jerusalem.

The frescoes are in general stories of the New Testament and life of Jesus. Thought to be iconoclastic period paintings of St. Barbara Church and full life cycle of Jesus in Tokali Church are exceptional.
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