The most beautiful street one can ever see in modern or ancient cities is in Perge.

On the main street of the town from the Nymphaeum (monumental fountain) down to the Acropolis to the Hellenistic city gate there is a canal in the middle of the street and on the canal, there are some stone water breakers to create pools and little cascades to the following pool. The canal has marble streets on two sides that ruts of the wheels (of chariots or carriages) still can be seen. Next to the streets opposite to the canal, there are colonnaded porticoes with mosaics on the ground. They are at least 5 m wide pedestrian streets. Beside the porticoes, there are the shops. Therefore, it is incredible shopping arcade 300 m long 20 m wide. Today local peddlers show a poor example of ancient shopping!

The Hellenistic Gate, Roman baths, agora, theatre, stadium are the other standing, well-preserved, worthwhile places to see in the site. Perge had fame in ancient time for sculpturing. You can see extraordinarily alive looking statues excavated from the site in Antalya Archeological Museum.

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