Aspendos has the best-preserved ancient theater in the world. The shape of it is characteristic to the Roman period.

In medieval time, it was used for some festivals also in Selcuk Turkish period it was used as a caravanserai that is why it is well preserved. The stage building from the Roman period is in exceptionally well condition. It was used as a palace for the Selcuk Turkish Sultan and traces of tiles that covered the stage building at that time can be seen in Antalya Archaeological Museum. The defense wall system on the top of the stage building and the geometric pattern on the sides are medieval. On the pediment on the top part of the stage building, there is the relief of Dionysus the God of arts, acting and vineyards. Local Turks thought probably he was a woman. That is the reason that the site was called Belkıs in Turkish. There are some local legends related to it. Belkıs is either the daughter of the king of Aspendos or daughter of the king of snakes and the queen of bees!

There is a well-preserved aqueduct system a bit away from the site in the middle of hot houses and fields.

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