This ancient city was dedicated to the Goddess of Love Aphrodite. Its origin goes as early as Bronze Age. According to the found artifacts that are exhibited in the local museum an Assyrian merchant community had settled on the Acropolis hill.

Today we see the ruins of the Roman city that was highly important trade town. It is visible by the size and beauty of Agora. The city is away from the sea however, it did not stop the city folk creating their own sea! That is a huge pool in the middle of the enormous agora.

The city has several important structures. The Tetrapylon (four-sided gateway) is the most important structure to see today, probably in Roman time as well. It was so well planned and constructed and would not be better restored.

The stadium is the best-preserved ancient stadium and would be hard not to imagine athletes having their contests all around.

The columns of the temple of the Goddess Aphrodite are still standing in the middle of the site. This temple provides a good opportunity to observe religious changes in the society. It was converted into a Christian church in Christian period. The altar of the church is well preserved and different type early crosses are all over on the ground. Aphrodite lost her temple and the City of Aphrodite became the City of the Cross (Stavropolis).

This site is probably the best for those who would like to see places “away from the madding crowds” of tourist and peddlers!  That is why perfectly well preserved Odeon, concert hall of the Roman period is ‘’simply the best’’ chance for the groups to have their own version of performance!

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