Priene is a well-preserved, small size town that all the important monuments of the site are easily reachable. It did not become one of the overgrown commercial towns of the Roman period. This is luck for us to see a true Hellenistic period town.

The town was important politically and religiously in ancient period. The main temple of the Ionians was in the territory of Priene and it gave the town the privilege as the guardian city.

Today’s ruins are from Hellenistic period and Alexander the Great had donated for the beautification of the town too. In the middle of the town, there is the Temple of Athena. It was an example of a temple structure in ancient time. The theatre is a good example of Hellenistic theatres. It has the capacity of 5000 people. Bouleuterion (council house) of Priene is the best-preserved building in the site. It was used for the meetings of representatives of the people and had a capacity of 640 seats.

The houses of Priene also show a great example of Hellenistic period residences. They have still standing walls and walking in the streets among the houses is exceptional. The plan of the city was designated by Hippodamos according to ‘’grill shape’’. Therefore, streets are from east to west and north to south. Houses and public buildings are lined in blocks in the streets. Priene is the oldest city to apply this system and it is the best site today to see it too… 
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