Saint John Basilica and Castle

According to early Christian writers, John the youngest apostle of Jesus came and lived in Ephesus . John himself explains in the Revelation that he wrote it during his confinement in Patmos Island off Ephesus . He wrote it during the reign of Emperor Domitian between 81 and 96 A.D. John returned to Ephesus  when Nerva succeeded to throne. Eusebius, the father of Christian history, explain in his book, the Ecclesiastical History that John remained in Ephesus  until Trajan’s time, which means 98 A.D.

According to tradition, a church was built on his gravesite in Christian era that attracted many people to move there from Ephesus , which also suffered silt problem in its harbor.
The church that we see today was built in 6th century by Justinian. 

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