Red Courtyard

It was built in 1st century A.D. in Roman Empire period. In Roman rule communities from all over the Roman Empire could move and settle in different provinces of the Roman Empire. This building was constructed as a temple for Egyptian trade community living in Pergamon .

It was dedicated to the Egyptian King God Serapis and Queen Goddess Isis. One can see today huge walls of the temple over looking from history to us. The beautiful red brick wall masonry is very well preserved against 2000 years destruction. There are two cylindrical towers on the two side of the irregular rectangular main building.

A church was established in the middle of the temple in Christian period after the 4th century A.D. The foundation part of the church is still visible. One cylindrical tower was converted to a mosque in 14th century. Therefore, we can observe sequence of the religions in Anatolia: Paganism, Christianity and Islam.  

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