Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is in the first courtyard of the Topkapi Palace and consists of three museums. The main building was built in late 19th century in the fashion of European museums. It has unique artifacts from Ancient Age. Best artifact of the museum is the Alexander Sarcophagus. It has magnificent reliefs of Alexander in a war and in a hunting party. On these scenes, we still see the traces of colorful paints on white solid marble.

The museum has several halls for Byzantine objects, Trojan objects, objects from Palestine and Syria and Anatolian objects from Stone Age to Iron Age.

The Tiled Kiosk was built in 15th century to create a seat for the Sultan Mehmet II Conqueror of Constantinople to see his soldiers while they do their military training. It is an exhibition hall for Turkish tile and potteries today.

The Museum of the Ancient Orient has a collection of ancient objects from Arabic Peninsula, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Anatolia.

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