Dolmabahce Palace

The Dolmabahce Palace was constructed in 19th century in the reign of Sultan Abdul Mecit. Modernization and westernization was upon the air and even Sultan himself and his palace were not secured from it. He gave the duty to Nikogos Balyan to have his white marble elegance on the Bosphorus. It is mixture of different European styles and interior designer is a Frenchman who designed Paris Opera House.

Although all these westernization, Abdul Mecit was an Ottoman sultan that is the reason the palace has two main sections as Selamlık (official section) and Harem (private section for Ladies).

Walking from hall to hall splendor of the Ottoman Empire is all around you: Crystal chandeliers upon the ceilings and huge Hereke carpets on the floors. All over the palace the walls are decorated with a huge collection of paintings. It is like going to a mid 19th century painting exhibition.  The Staircase from the Entrance Hall to the Ambassadors Hall and the Privy Chamber is with crystal balustrade that gives it an appearance of “the stairway to heaven’’.

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