Turkish Delight

It is a jelly like sweet with a nut inside. There are different varieties according to region and producer. It is in various sizes and various tastes. It is better to try wherever it is served to you that you may finally become an expert on Turkish delight. It is called lokum in Turkish.  It is made of starch, sugar and water. The nut inside is walnut, hazelnut or pistachio. It is coated with either powdered sugar or grated coconut.

There is rose water flavored Turkish delights too. You can see it with its pink color. There is another type called cezerye. It is made of carrot juice with nuts inside. Almond paste, pistachio paste, almond candy, chestnut candy and fruit candies are other famous Turkish confections.      

This lumps of delight is praised in the old jazz song of Four Lads as “Turkish delight, honeymoon midnight.”

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