Turkish Tea

Turkish tea is a type of a black tea. It is the most common drink all over Turkey and you can see Turks drinking tea (çay) in nice tulip shaped glasses.

It seems to be tea is the traditional drink of Turkey. It is not. With the end of Ottoman Empire and loss of Yemen when coffee became rare and expensive tea took its place. Turkey produces more than 6 % of the world tea production. It is all in Eastern Black Sea coast region. Tea is the main substance of the area and all people of Turkey are busy to consume their product: Turkey has the highest per capita tea consumption in the world with 2.5 kg. Britain follows with 2.1 kg.

If you would like to prepare Turkish tea yourself, you have to have two teapots (çaydanlık) designed for tea making. Smaller teapot is placed on bigger teapot. Some tea experts say this smaller teapot, which is called demlik, should be a porcelain one. You put Turkish tealeaves into the smaller teapot and water into the bigger teapot. When the water is boiled the tealeaves become wet because of steam. Then you pour boiled water onto tealeaves. Put some more cold water to the bigger teapot, make the heat very low and wait. All the tealeaves sink to the bottom and meanwhile tea got its perfect aroma and color that Turks call ‘’rabbit’s blood’’.

You will make certainly better tea if you use good spring water and good quality tealeaves. Çaykur, Filiz Çayı is good brand to try. Turks prefer a glass to drink tea because when you see the color of it they usually understand if it is nicely made or not. In addition, they decide amount of tea and boiled water. Turks usually prefer half and a half. Nevertheless, some people prefer really dark or light tea. This is something to do with the boiled water. You can have sugar in your tea but never milk.

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